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 Intruder Alarm Systems for Business Security

Astron Fire and Security is NSI accredited and offers a full design, installation, maintenance and 24hr monitoring service to commercial, industrial, and public sector clients, in Bristol, the South West and South Wales area.

The alarm you choose will depend on the level of security required, as well as the size of the premises and will be installed by Astron's highly skilled and security vetted engineers.

The Key Factors to consider, when installing a business security system are:

  • Reliablility - top quality equipment and installations meet the British Standards, required by NSI, and are tried and tested internationally

  • Insurance requirements - the installation of a system to the grade specified by your insurance company, but all systems are Grade 2 minimum

  • Suitablility - the systems are designed around your operational needs and Astron's training ensures that all staff are confident using the system

  • Value -  monitoring power failure and opening and closing of systems, giving you added peace of mind

  • Contract terms - Astron's contracts run for a 12 month period but can be cancelled within a month of the renewal date

Installation of Intruder Alarm Systems

Astron installs wired and wire-free systems, using top quality equipment. They are fitted by our highly qualified engineers, who benefit from ongoing training and industry best practice.   The systems are user-friendly, while offering the best level of protection for your staff and business, taking all risk factors into account, including after hours and lone working. The systems are designed to suit your business needs, with various options of detection and methods of operation.

The alarm you select will depend on the level of security required, as well as the risks associated with the location of the premises to be protected.   Astron recommends the right products to satisfy your individual security challenges. 

Takeover of Intruder Alarm Systems

If you have an existing alarm in your business premises, there is a good chance that it will be possible to link this to Astron's Alarm Receiving Centre.   The system must be of an acceptable quality and meet the required NSI installation standard.  A communication device will be required (if you require monitoring), which Astron would be able to confirm after inspecting the system.

Astron offers a free, no obligation assessment of your existing system.


Astron Fire and Security offers a full maintenance service of intruder alarms, to NSI standards, which meets insurance and police response criteria (if required). Regular maintenance ensures that systems are kept in good and working order and safety is assured.


Systems can be monitored via Digital, Redcare, Redcare GSM, or Dual Com GPRS communicators to Astron's 24hr NSI Gold approved Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).  Any disturbance of the system will result in yourself, a keyholder, or if you request it, the police or a response service, being informed.  This ensures a quick response, with no alarm being ignored.  

Over and above illegal entry, Astron's systems offer 24 hour/7 days a week monitoring of:

  • Opening and closing of premises

  • Electricity and battery failure

  • Hold-up/Duress Alarms – fixed and portable

  • Fire Alarms connected to the intruder alarm system


The Alarm Receiving Centre will contact the keyholders on the list provided.  These keyholders will need to check the premises and if they suspect a break-in or personal attack, they will be required to contact the Police.  Astron Fire and Security can arrange for a private security company to respond to alarms; this will incur an additional cost, should it be required..

Astron Fire and Security is police, or NCPC (National Chief Police Council) compliant, so should you require police response this can also be arranged. It is a police requirement that the intruder alarm conforms to BS8243 standard, to avoid the incidence of false alarms.  Astron will advise you what is required to meet this standard.